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I've lost my password, how do I retrieve it? There is a "Forgot Password" function available on the login screen. After entering your username, a temporary password will be emailed to you. That temporary password should be used to login to ASISTS, at which point you will be immediately directed to change your password to one of your choice. If this process does not work for you, please email to request assistance.
The data check reports don't come up, what should I do? The Data Check reports come up as separate windows. If you select a report and it never appears please check to see if your pop up blocker is on; if so you will want to disable it. If you have run reports earlier in the day, and left a report window open, the new report may be appearing in that window or on that tab.
We need an additional log-in, how do we get one? To view a slideshow about the new procedure, please use this link: To request a Single New User please use this form: To request Multiple New Users at the same time, please use this request form:
How do I submit EPE Claim Forms? EPE Claim forms must be printed from ASISTS. At each EPE deadline, an electronic copy of the EPE SA 160 should be emailed to NYSED. Additionally, a printed, signed, paper copy must be submitted to NYSED. For more details, please contact
What is the Automatic Exit policy? Students who have had three consecutive months of no attendance will be exited from your program. The exit will be automatically entered for you. This process takes place on the last day of the month AFTER the third month of no attendance. The Date entered for the exit will be the last day of the month in which the student attended. For a list of students currently pending exit, please refer to the Management Report: Student Exit Tool by Student.
How do I delete a student? Student records cannot be directly deleted. To mark a student record for deletion, edit the unwanted student record to have a last and/or first name that includes the word "Delete". Make sure to save the change. The Student records marked for deletion will be removed when ASISTS is offline for maintenance.
I put in a new Class and it is not appearing on the list, where can I find it? Try checking the other Instructional Offering Types, you may have chosen “B” for BE instead of “BE” or “E” for ESOL instead of “ES.” Also, try looking in a different Fiscal Year - it is possible that the date was entered incorrectly, placing the class in a different Fiscal Year.
I made changes to my Class information but the Class ID did not change. Can I change it? Please contact your designated ASISTS support person, or email to request that Instructional Offering Descriptions be refreshed for your agency.
I tried to enter a TABE score that is in range, but ASISTS will not let me put the score in. Why not? If the score is a single digit score, use a leading zero to make the entry two digits. If you continue to have difficulty with a particular score, please document the Test type, level, form and the subscore(s) that are causing difficulty and email that information to your ASISTS Support person or